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The new ABO Assistant is now available!!

By Chandni Dinani posted Thu April 08, 2021 03:44 PM


Watch the ABO Assistant demo video here - Link

IBM® Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS® (ABO) is a unique cutting-edge optimization technology to optimize your COBOL applications without the need for build compiler migration or any source recompilation. ABO directly optimizes program modules compiled with VS COBOL 1.3 to COBOL 4.2 and preserves the exact behavior of the original applications. ABO is an efficient and cost-effective solution to reducing CPU usage, processing time, and operating costs when running your business-critical COBOL applications on z/OS.

COBOL applications usually consist of many modules. Instead of optimizing all modules upfront, a better approach is to iteratively identify and optimize small groups of top CPU-consuming modules until your performance goals are achieved. Manually identifying the modules that would benefit most from ABO optimization requires in-depth performance analysis that is both challenging and time-consuming. Now there is a much better alternative available -- the ABO Assistant.
The ABO Assistant is the latest innovation in the ABO 2.1 offering and is designed to simplify evaluation and accelerate deployment.

It begins by analyzing SMF data directly on z/OS to identify your top CPU-consuming applications. Next, the ABO Assistant will profile your chosen COBOL batch applications to find and select the top CPU-consuming modules and automatically invoke ABO to optimize these modules. Finally, it will produce a report on the precise CPU savings from using ABO. All you need to do is to provide the JCL used to run the application. The ABO Assistant will handle everything for you.

Below is an example of the ABO Assistant report showing the performance analysis results and CPU savings from using ABO: 

For developers: All you need to do is to provide ABO Assistant the JCL you used to run the application and it will automatically select the top CPU-consuming modules in your COBOL batch application, optimize the selected modules, and report on the precise CPU savings from using ABO.  No need for in-depth performance analysis.

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Free on-premises trial edition - Install ABO at your site with a no-charge 90-day license - Link

For more information, contact: @Roland Koo:, @Reid Copeland: