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Axway and IBM Z: A Decades-Long Partnership That Is Still Going


Axway is modernizing its development platform for the benefit of its customers to distribute the new technologies provided by IBM.

In collaboration with our partner Corelia, Axway is investing in a new Mainframe IBM Z16 platform which uses the #Telum processor, IBM's latest innovation, and a new DS8900 storage base for cumulative performance of more than 40%. New technologies deployed such as the level of encryption ready against future attacks based on quantum technologies, the acceleration of Artificial Intelligence calculations (> 200 TFLOPS), predictive analysis, reinforced security, Cloud hybridization.

We will also be ready to develop using application containerization on Z with zCX and Openshift.
In short, AXWAY is investing and modernizing its platform to project its customers towards the modernization of the Mainframe Z platform.

Axway and IBM zSystems. A decades-long partnership that is still going.

3 key Axway products: developed, maintained, and widely used on z/OS by our customers: Axway Transfer CFT, Axway Automator, and Axway Financial Accounting Hub.


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