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By Arani Bosire posted Wed December 08, 2021 12:02 PM



Late nights when I am done doing my assignment, I take few minutes to go through the news feed to read the trending topics. Scrolling down the page IBM pops us, I remember it was looking for Ambassadors clicked the link signed up, filled my information and submitted.IBM products are commonly known globally and becoming their brand ambassador will not be any big deal. On a chilly morning checking my email, I received congratulatory email attached with a poster that welcomed me to IBM Z Student hub and appointed as the ambassador.

Since then, the hub has been important to me. After going the signing in process and installing Your Big Year app, my required first task was, introduce yourself, which I did. As a man of few words it was not a strain to me, there was was an orientation in between which I did not attend due to inconvenience time. The next challenge was to introduce yourself in front of camera, the challenge got a bit difficult but it was complete and received some points. I realized these points tracked our progress in the hub again; they motivated us to continue learning.

Topic 1 was mainly focused on oneself, It raised that self-awareness to an individual, how to bring the best out of a person. The next virtual meeting was the art of storytelling and personal branding by Dr.Melissa, the presentation was profound. Dr.Melissa challenged us to use social media as a tool to brand ourselves. Since it was, a storytelling session further went ahead and advised that there is need of listening and speaking with empathy in order to build good networks.

Getting to topic two was a walk in the park since it detailed the problems that face the world today.This was my first time to be exposed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).I came to understand why the government give more attention to female as compared to male (SDG 5) and more. Through researched and the hub, I came to learn why things like electric cars, denominational of plastics from the ecosystem have been given more concern. The whole topic was generated this question; How can I influence the world? I choose to focus SDG 4 (Inequality Education) since it has been a challenge in my country. I have stepped to classrooms in the marginalized schools where teachers are lacking and facilitated.  Again, I have the same ambitious goals as we are approaching the long holiday. The long time goals that we blogged to the hub, how is it my wish that they will read and acted upon by the relevant organizations and governments.

Aluta continua, the next topic was technology for good. Being a statistics and technology person, I had a smooth flow of things. In here, is where I found my deep love and passion for technology? Can this passion solve the World problem? How can technology be harnessed to make positive differences in our lives? Technology is the big picture in the future, how can we equip our skill set to be useful then? The top few moguls in the world have invested heavily in technology. The hub went through sensitive areas to focus on in order to have marketable skill set like Enterprise Computing, Internet of Thing and more.

From the hub, I have been able to grow through the completion of online courses like problem solving, Design and Enterprise thinking and gained skillful badges. My long craved skill of blogging was well nurtured though regular article writing. I have interacted and connected with my fellow ambassadors globally, this has exposed me to new mindset, beliefs and better visions. I have been equipped with skills that I required in my leadership journey and life at large. IBM Z student hub I more than a school and I could recommend it to everybody.

Special thanks to the concerned Organizations IBM and Your Big Year, our facilitators Mr.Ronoh and Rachael, speakers who came to talk to my fellow ambassadors.