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IBM delivers new graphical user experience for IBM Z Monitoring


On April 28, 2020, IBM announced IBM® Z Tivoli® Management Services for z/OS, V6.3.1, which introduces the new IBM® Z  Service Management Explorer for z/OS.  This new offering is the strategic graphical user experience for IBM® Z subject matter experts.  It is intended not only to provide detailed, actionable monitoring and alert views across all key IBM® Z domains, but also to help ease the transition of new-to-platform domain experts-in-training.  The intuitive, modern design makes it easier for less experienced staff to quickly become productive with key features such as flyover help, definitions of metrics, and built-in expert advice that reduce dependency on experienced colleagues and make them more productive quickly. Each OMEGAMON® domain agent provides numerous out of the box workspaces curated to help solve key problems and provide role-appropriate views of subsystem status, which automatically work with the new IBM® Z Service Management Explorer, along with customized workspaces created by users.  This new user experience supports IBM-provided and customized workspaces and situations (intelligent alerts) designed both for the Tivoli® Enterprise Portal including OMEGAMON® family and distributed platform agents for IBM® Tivoli Monitoring without modification or migration.

In February 2019 IBM announced that IBM® Z Service Management Explorer is planned to supplant the IBM® Tivoli® Enterprise Portal (TEP) client, for IBM® Z users removing their dependency on client workstation JavaTM.  The initial release of IBM® Z Service Management Explorer provides the first step towards this goal.  Additional end user and Administrator functions are planned for a series of continuous delivery updates until TEP clients and their JavaTM prerequisites can be replaced.


IBM® Z Service Management Explorer is based on Open Source Zowe® technology, and prereqs the IBM® Z Distribution for Zowe® , V1.0, requiring installation of the Zowe® Application Framework.  IBM® Z Service Management Explorer is designed to install and configure in minutes once the Zowe® platform is installed and set up, with no required changes to the PARMGEN program used to configure other elements of the OMEGAMON® monitoring infrastructure.

For a complete list of enhancements, please refer to the announcement letter ENUS220-005.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to your IBM® advocate or representative.



Further product details are located here.

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