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IBM intends to enable Go on z/OS

By Claire Nelson posted Fri April 24, 2020 12:00 AM

UPDATE:  IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is now a generally available offering.  Refer to IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go product page.

IBM intends to enable a native Go (or Golang) compiler on z/OS, further strengthening its portfolio of compiler technologies and partnership with the open source community.  Go is a general-purpose programming language for building large-scale complex software, and is the language of cloud infrastructure such as Kubernetes, Docker, and OpenShift.

It is designed to be a fast running programming language, easy to learn and understand due to its simple syntax, enabling IBM clients access to a wide variety of new talent for application development and modernization.  Go contains a powerful standard library of packages and built-in functions to support application development.  Its popularity is increasing in the development community; it was rated as the third most wanted language in a recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey1 and fourth in GitHub pull requests2, making it the second fastest in popularity growth since last quarter.

Go has emerged as the language of choice for many cloud native operations. It forms the foundation for  container orchestration, containerization technology, and container application platforms. As clients embark on their cloud native journey on z/OS, Go is essential for enabling new cloud workloads and connecting z/OS to their private cloud, strengthening z/OS as a first-class hybrid cloud platform.

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