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Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Migration Portal – Find information about COBOL migration all in one place

By Claire Nelson posted Mon April 13, 2020 12:00 AM

Still have no idea about Enterprise COBOL for z/OS (COBOL) migration? Or are you still struggling with your migration? For your easy access to all the COBOL migration-related information, the one-stop COBOL Migration Portal is now live in the COBOL Knowledge Center (KC)!

In particular, you can:

    • Read case studies to see how other companies have benefited from the migration.

    • Watch the COBOL experts interview videos, where Roland Koo (Offering Manager for IBM Enterprise Products and Compilers on z/OS) and Tom Ross (Captain COBOL) describe why you should migrate to the latest COBOL V6 compilers and how to migrate.

    • Try the cloud-based COBOL Migration Assistant that helps you navigate through the whole migration process.

    • Register to the no-charge COBOL Migration and Performance Tuning Webinars, where COBOL experts introduce recommendations and best practices during COBOL migration and how to tune your applications after you migrate.

    • Discover IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO), which can accelerate the COBOL migration and improve the performance of COBOL modules without a recompilation plan.

    • Check FAQs to quickly find answers and solutions when running into problems.

    • Find the complete COBOL Migration Guides and Performance Tuning Guides.

    • Check out other resources such as fix packs/PTFs to keep your COBOL compilers up-to-date, as well as the COBOL support portal and COBOL community to seek for help along your migration and performance tuning journey.

Along with the portal live, the COBOL KC welcome page also gets updated. There is a “what’s new” section listing the blogs that summarize documentation updates due to COBOL continuous delivery and GAs, so that you will know when the documentation gets refreshed and which topics are refreshed. In addition, there is a COBOL video gallery, which contains all the COBOL-related videos divided into different categories such as “technical features”, “what’s new”, etc., and each video is presented with a short description and a YouTube link.

If you have any comments or would like to see other topics in the COBOL Migration Portal, please send them to Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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