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Duplicate Code Detection Technology Preview

By Claire Nelson posted Fri March 13, 2020 12:00 AM

We are happy to announce the Duplicate Code Detection Technology preview.

Duplicate Code is a poor, but common, practice in software design where a similar/ identical set of instructions exists in several parts of the software source code. Duplicate Code Detection (DCD) helps to automatically discover the duplicate code from a large selection of source code so that redundancies are appropriately flagged, justified, or eliminated. DCD provides a means for software developers to identify such redundancies, with the short-term goal of assessing the code quality of a large program, and ultimately the goal of refactoring the code. This is very applicable in the context of mainframe COBOL programming, where very large code databases (millions of code lines) have evolved over a period of time, and maintenance has become increasingly demanding.

  • Details on the Technology Preview can be found via our website here
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PS: The Duplicate Code Detection feature is integrated in IBM Developer for z/OS, starting with version 14.2.2 (GA 1Q'20). The feature is selected at installation time. Once IDz 14.2.2 has been installed with the Duplicate Code Detection option, it can be used to search duplicates in COBOL code.

  • More details on what's in IDz14.2.2 can be found here
  • Installation guide and other tutorials for DCD