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What’s new in File Manager for z/OS v14.1.9?

By Claire Nelson posted Mon December 09, 2019 12:00 AM

File Manager for z/OS v14.1.9 new features include:

    1. Support for version 2 PDSE generation members and new PDSE Workbench.

      • A new PDSE workbench has been developed for easier management of members and generations.

      • The enhanced search Drill parameter now supports a limit and applies to version 2 PDSE generations as well as HFS and zFS directories.

      • The enhanced search function key (or edit macro) menu has a new option to invoke PDSE Workbench. This allows for cursor-sensitive invocation from JCL View or Edit sessions.

      • The enhanced search function key (or edit macro) has two new commands to support invoking the workbench (History) and compare generation (CG) from any View or Edit session.

      • Support for CG and History commands for View or Edit sessions initiated by the PDSE Workbench or navigation from an enhanced search report.

      • File Manager COPY utility now supports copying of generation members.

      • File Manager CLONE facility now supports the copying of generation members.

      • A new history capability for all member lists within File Manager.

    1. File Manager print output can now be directed to FMNPRINT, and individual sections of the output can now be directed instead to alternate ddnames.

    1. DSINFO, a new option on the SET function, provides additional information in batch reports about input and output data sets for the DSP, DSM, DSC, and FCH commands.

    1. The File Manager COPY utility has been enhanced to support CSV as an output format.

    1. File Manager MQ users are no longer required to have CONTROL access to the MQADMIN class resource mqmanager.CONTEXT.mqqueue. If users do not have this access the MQ CONTEXT is not copied when records are updated.