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How to obtain IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS

By Claire Nelson posted Wed April 17, 2019 12:00 AM

IBM SDK for Node.js - z/OS, V12 (5655-NJS) is available at no license charge, as announced in June 2019. Optional subscription & support (S&S) available. With the new Tailor Fit Pricing model you can minimize usage charges as Node.js workloads may be eligible to use the New Application Solution option (applicable to z/OS 2.3 and up) for new production workloads, with savings of 20% over pay-as-you-go prices. 

You can obtain the free SDK for IBM Z Mainframe in one of several ways, depending on your requirements:

[1] Production deployments of Node.js business applications – recommended S&S but community support also available

If you are deploying Node.js applications you have acquired or developed for production, or have a customer or vendor written Node.js application used for production, then purchasing Node.js subscription and support (S&S) is recommended. Order Node.js - z/OS (5655-NJS) through your IBM representative. If you do not wish to purchase S&S, please inform your IBM representative that you want to opt out of S&S to avoid unnecessary charges. You can always order S&S later. Learn more about how to obtain paid S&S for IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS here.
If you purchase S&S, you are eligible to open service requests with IBM support. These requests are prioritized based on severity levels and will be addressed based on documented turn around times. If you did not purchase S&S, you can still open issues related to Node.js for z/OS in GitHub, which will be addressed on a best effort basis.

[2] Node.js as a pre-requisite for another IBM product for production use – no charge license and S&S is entitled

Several IBM products and open source products (for example, OMEGAMON for Storage, CICS or the open source project Zowe) require IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS as a pre-requisite. When placing your order for Node.js - z/OS (5655-DKN) on Shopz, ask your IBM representative to opt you out of Node.js - z/OS S&S to avoid unnecessary license charges. Your primary product’s S&S will entitle you to PTFs and PMR support.

[3] Non-production deployments of Node.js applications – no charge license, no S&S needed, flexible options

IBM also offers a no charge evaluation version of Node.js – z/OS in pax format, which is governed by an evaluation license and is not suitable for deployment into production. It can be used to try out Node.js - z/OS or for proof of concepts. Although the pax format is considered to be an evaluation, this will not expire. Instead, the user will be required to remove and reinstall Node.js and its package dependencies to update to more recent versions when they are released.

You can satisfy the open source project Zowe’s pre-requisite for Node.js - z/OS by either ordering the SMP/E version through your IBM representative, as discussed in section 2, or by using the pax evaluation.

Paid S&S is not available for the pax format of the SDK. You can still open issues related to Node.js - z/OS in GitHub, which will be addressed on a best effort basis.

[4] Tutorial

If you don’t have access to a mainframe but would like to try out Node.js - z/OS, IBM offers a no charge cloud-based tutorial on z Trial. Within 2 hours of your request, you can access a cloud-hosted z/OS instance and try Node.js for a 3-day period.