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IBM Z System Automation (SA) – Exploring Integration Capabilities: self-paced education & acquiring a badge


Last few releases of IBM Z System Automation offer an “Operations (RESTful) API” to provide users an easy way to integrate application automation done by SA with scripts, other tools and products.

A free self-paced learning modules will give the users an opportunity to gain the insights in how to integrate IBM Z System Automation operations into your programs using the System Automation Operations REST Server, the System Automation plug-in for Zowe CLI, and the System Automation Ansible collection.

After completing this free self-paced course and taking the final quiz, you will be rewarded with IBM Z System Automation - Integration by System Programmer badge.

IBM Z System Automation - Integration by System Programmer - Credly

Who should take this course?

SA System Programmers or other technical experts can take this class and learn how to use Z System Automation by interacting directly from the client PC – and / or how to integrate common tasks into tools like “Ansible” to better integrate SA in a hybrid environment running on z/OS covering end-to-end scenario.

Learning Objectives

After taking this course and passing the final test you should have a good understanding about the offered “SA Operational API”, how to use it with the Zowe CLI SA plug-in (@ibm/system-automation-for-zowe-cli - npm ( and or the Ansible collection for example to create a dynamic resource that manages those components of your hybrid environment running on z/OS (Ansible Galaxy).

For the further details please refer to this blog.

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