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What’s new in IBM Cloud Tape Connector PTF UI82489

By Ash Mahay posted Wed December 07, 2022 07:38 AM


The IBM Could Tape Connector APAR PH47215 (UI82489) provides support for zEnterprise® Data Compression (zEDC) compression feature.

zEnterprise® Data Compression (zEDC) 

zEDC increases the speed of data compression on some z/OS® systems. It is an accelerated compression solution that provides high performance, low latency compression with minimal system overhead. zEDC compression is designed to: reduced processor usage, improved disk usage, and optimized performance of compression.

Enabling zEDC Compression 

Virtual Tape Emulation (VTE) implements the zEDC compression technique by leveraging FPZ4xxx Callable Services. For more information on the zEDC compression techniques, see the following publications: 

This compression method can be enabled by setting the parameter COMPRESSION to value 4 under TPOOL. For more information, refer the User guide.

Compression ratio and CPU utilization

  • Enabling zEDC (Level1) with zIIP may save 33% disk space and 60% CPU utilization in comparison with no compression.
  • Enabling zEDC (Level1) without zIIP may save 33% disk space with an increase of 17% CPU utilization in comparison with no compression.

Specifying zEDC compression in TAPEPOOL parameter

Compression messages in VTE STC log


Product page: link

User Guide: Link