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The Latest Customer News About Using z/OSMF REST APIs

By Guo Qing Deng posted Tue December 25, 2018 12:00 AM


z/OSMF has been providing RESTful APIs (web services) intends to make z/OS more approachable for several years. Many customers are using z/OSMF REST APIs because they are platform and language independent, hence, easy to consume. Here is a latest news from customer:

"Vicom Infinity builds their modernized Voice and Natural Language User Interface to manage z/OS and IBM Z by leveraging z/OSMF REST APIs which is easy to consume." -- Alex Kim, Vicom Infinity.

Isn't that cool? An IoT device (Vicom Infinity Voice Agent) could manage z/OS! With platform and language independent z/OSMF REST APIs, there are a lot potential. For the overview of z/OSMF REST APIs, please check out this blog: A brief overview of z/OSMF REST APIs and why they matter to you.


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