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Introducing IBM Z Software Asset Management Version 8.3

By Andrew Bowker posted 8 days ago


On August 22nd 2023, IBM announced a new release - version 8.3 - of IBM Z Software Asset Management (IZSAM) that delivers several enhancements for z/OS system programmers, database administrators, auditors, and infrastructure asset managers.

For those unfamiliar, IZSAM can help hybrid-infrastructure teams feel more confident about managing the software across their enterprise. IZSAM makes it easy to understand your software landscape: where it's being used, when it's being used, and by whom it is being used. Hundreds of clients across the globe use IZSAM to avoid dead/redundant software costs, stay in SLA/audit compliance, and stay on top of key software updates to avoid causing customer experience issues.

IZSAM has a vibrant user community where users from all industries post questions, help each other with best practices, and share tips/tricks to get the most out of the product. Be sure to visit the discussions page to check if your questions have been addressed, add new thoughts, or see the latest product updates from the development team. Many of the enhancements in the version 8.3 release originated as community discussions which became official enhancement requests. View them all here and add your ideas. We love delivering function to help our users maximize the value they receive from the product. Speaking of, here’s the new features you can expect to see in IZSAM 8.3:

  • z/OS systems programmers who need to know the locations of related data when data sets are modified can capture the ALIAS-OF values for each module and data set listed within the reports so they can maintain an accurate depiction of their data, even when data is modified without their knowledge.
  • z/OS System programmers will be able to see every execution of a program in the Usage Monitor so they can better monitor the program to make sure it is performing as expected.

Usage Monitor

  • z/OS Systems programmers or auditors can track the correct LINKLIST indicators for each LPAR in their environment in the Usage Monitor so they can reduce audit exposure.
LINKLIST indicators

  • Asset managers responsible for managing LPAR and hardware assets can see OS versions in the Machine Inventory report so they can quickly identify which assets require maintenance and which assets are compliant.
    Machine inventory report
  • Database administrators can add a field to provide the Server Job Status in HSIAUTL, the automation server utility program, with job execution results so they can more efficiently identify the failed jobs and schedule them for rerun after a problem has been corrected.
  • z/OS systems programmers can collect RSU, RLS, and CAR levels to add them to the IBM Z Software Asset Management repository so they can track maintenance level changes for ISV products like IBM, BMC, and Broadcom, even if the version of the products remains unchanged.
  • Asset managers can visualize software version GA (General Availability) dates in the inventory reports to give a more holistic view of lifecycle trends so users can make more informed decisions when planning software rollouts based on current or previous software lifecycle information.
GA dates in the inventory report

  • Asset managers can utilize a new field for product ID, which can be updated through the web user interface with the data retained in the database repository. This field will make it easier to more accurately track/source data related to software with previous name changes.
Product ID  field in the database repository

  • Asset managers can utilize a new field for support team/group, which can be updated through the web user interface with the data retained in the database repository. This field will make it easier to identify support ownership of associated products within an organization related to their installed software.
support team/group field in the database repository

If you’re planning to update from version 8.2 to version 8.3, please be aware there are database changes associated with the process. More details can be found by subscribing to
MyNotifications, by visiting the program directory, or in the IZSAM 8.3 documentation.

We hope these enhancements help you on your journey to drive maximum efficiency in your organization. We’d also love to hear how you plan to utilize these new capabilities. Drop us a note in the community.