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Optimization opportunities for your Tailored Fit Pricing journey

By Andrew Bowker posted Wed April 14, 2021 11:05 AM

Many enterprises face a conundrum when it comes the mainframe. There's pressure to innovate and build new applications while feeling constrained by capacity, performance, and operating budgets. As IBM clients continue to adopt Tailored Fit Pricing and the tooling to support it, they become more empowered with insights to understand how their workloads are impacting operational costs.

Tailored Fit Pricing brings new opportunity. Under the traditional Monthly License Charge (MLC) model, aka the 'Rolling 4 Hour Average' (R4HA), the focus for optimization was solely on the peak 4 hours of the month. But with Tailored Fit Pricing, where every MSU is of equal importance, there are suddenly ~740 other hours in the month that are ripe for optimization.

Many solutions exist to help eliminate inefficiencies and control MSU consumption across every hour in the month. Clients can leverage application modernization approaches, upgrade to the latest compiler technologies, or ensure zIIP-eligible workloads are utilized properly. Another potential solution is that of high-performance in-memory processing. Clients have traditionally used high-performance in-memory processing to maximize their Z investments and drive capacity for new workloads in both batch and online scenarios.

Want to learn more? Join us for a webinar, Thursday April 22 @ 1pm EST where we'll be interviewing one of the industry's leading experts on the subject. We'll share stories about how past clients drastically improved the performance of vital mainframe applications while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) associated with their infrastructure. If Db2 tables and/or VSAM files represent significant sources of processing data within your environment, we will share some tactics you can exploit to quickly free up CPU. See you there!