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Leveraging Data Security Fabric and IBM zSystems in a Modern Data Protection Strategy

By Amy Dall posted Wed June 29, 2022 07:36 PM


As the pressure to innovate while keeping costs low intensifies, more organizations have started moving workloads to the cloud, making security more complicated and challenging security teams to keep up. Oracle recently reported that 92% of companies have a "cloud security readiness gap" between their current and planned cloud usage. And Gartner reports a whopping 84% of companies say their current security solutions won’t work in cloud-native environments. How can security teams build an effective database security strategy without being an innovation blocker?

A modern database security strategy must deliver these four features to protect data in on-premises and cloud-based environments:

  • Scalability. Easily capture and centralize database activity into a single platform. It must be able to transform raw activity data across multiple database environments into actionable security analytics and offer live access to multiple years of retained audit data. The solution must be able to ingest any new databases, data lakes, warehouses and cloud data systems that you add in the future.
  • Low-cost data retention and robust analytics.  Store activity data regardless of location or type for long periods without costly aggregators, collectors, and database servers. Once centralized in the platform, consumers are free to use their preferred tools to mine, report and analyze data via fine-grained access control.
  • Automation.  A fully customizable event-level workflow engine to transform manual processes into intelligent, fully automated workflows.
  • Actionable security intelligence.  Turn petabytes of raw activity data into visible, actionable security information that improves integration with incident response.

As partners like IBM have pushed the boundaries of what's possible to accomplish using their platform, we at Imperva realized we needed to take an extra step to ensure that our solution is easier to integrate with, easier to control, and even more flexible to work with to leverage such a dynamic technology. The result of our efforts is a data security fabric that enables our customers to leverage more capabilities in more flexible ways, on more platforms and architectures, and based on customer needs, anywhere. Imperva’s Data Security fabric facilitates a convergence of platforms, purpose-built to simplifies customers’ operational tasks to ensure that the right set of security controls are applied to wherever data lives.

Here is what a few customers have said about how Imperva’s Data Security Fabric has performed with the IBM zSystems platform:

 “Our enterprise has deployed Imperva on the IBM zSystems platform and this technology has enabled my organization to execute our security strategy, perform audits, and maintain regulatory compliance.”

        -- North American company providing retail banking and commercial banking, trust, stockbroker, and mortgage services

“When we put the Imperva solution on the IBM zSystems platform we were able to enforce our security posture more consistently and easily create audit reports.”
North American company providing home, auto, and business insurance coverage

“Our organization runs Imperva technology seamlessly on the IBM zSystems platform to perform mainframe database monitoring to achieve database security and audit compliance.”
         -- North American company offering services in corporate and investment, commercial, and consumer banking


 What tools can do the job?

 When you use Imperva Data Security Fabric to enhance and protect your Guardium investment, you can extend database security coverage to more environments, eliminate manual efforts, reduce operational costs, and improve governance effectiveness. Imperva Data Security Fabric was designed by the original architects of Guardium, so it seamlessly integrates with Guardium compliance features and runs on the IBM zSystems platform, while enhancing your capability to manage data risk in a modern technology environment. Imperva Data Security Fabric running with Guardium on the IBM zSystems platform offers the fastest path for safely moving database workloads to the cloud, while preserving oversight and ensuring your compliance and security controls keep pace with new use cases and requirements.

 Running Imperva Data Security Fabric with Guardium on an IBM zSystems platform enables you to get the best of both worlds: the robust agent-based architecture that Guardium users depend on, and the agentless architecture offered by Imperva Data Security Fabric that is critical to extending compliance requirements and database security into cloud-native environments. And you get it all with minimal disruption.