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New IBM OMEGAMON for Storage "Add Volume to Storage Groups" feature


In the PTF UJ93821 (and then fixes in the PTF UJ94357 ) the IBM OMEGAMON for Storage v5.5.0 introduced the new "Add Volume To Storage Groups" feature that allows you to define the rules with situations to expand Storage Groups with volumes from the defined pool(s).

Look through and you will be able to:

  • Define Volume Pools from which volumes will be added to the Storage Groups;
  • Define rules to set Volume Pool(s) to various Storage Groups;
  • How to add volume manually or with the situation;
  • Set action to get e-mail notifications;

 The 9:37 minute video can be found: here.

Note: To be able to run the action to add Volume to Storage Groups you will need to have all of the following:

  • The IBM OMEGAMON for Storage 5.5.0 should be started on all LPARs in the PLEX to be able to check if the volume from the pool is ONLINE.
  • The Storage Groups should have assigned volume names without assigned units. These names will be used for the ICKDSF INIT command.
  • There should be a rule with the mentioned Storage Group (or covered by the mask).
  • There should be volumes in the Pool(s). If no good volume is found in the specified pool(s) then nothing will be done.
  • The user who runs the action should have the authority to switch volumes from the pool(s) ONLINE/OFFLINE and execute the ICKDSF for these volume(s). The same applies to the actions submitted from the situations.