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What’s new in OMEGAMON Storage PTFs UJ94357 UJ94358


Multiple innovations and enhancements were released in 2023 for IBM OMEGAMON Storage for z/OS and the OMEGAMON Engineering teams are pleased to announce the next installment of new features requested by Storage Administrators managing large environments.

These new features are available via PTFs UJ94357 for APAR OA65812 and UJ94358 for APAR OA65813 and greatly enhance the user experience for Storage Administrators using the IBM OMEGAMON Storage for z/OS 5.5.0.

1. New View By “All Datasets HLQ” in the Realtime Datasets Metrics UI

Realtime Datasets Metrics (aka RDM) already had View By “HLQ” where summarization by HLQ was done for datasets on DASD, but RDM shows data from various sources: DASD, Tapes (CA1 and DFSMSrmm) and DFSMShsm (Migrated and backed up).

New View By “All Datasets HLQ” could show summarized statistics from all sources like below

Or you could update the filter to review summarization statistics for each source like below

The new View By “All Datasets HLQ” supports Historical Data mode to overview old data and follow basic RDM concepts: data could be Exported and data could be filtered by various attributes.

2. 1000 and 1024 bytes conventions for KB, MB, and GB fields.

Historically the IBM OMEGAMON Storage for z/OS used 1024 bytes for Kilobytes, Megabytes, and Gigabytes calculations, but technically it’s Kibibytes, Mebibytes and Gibibytes. With PTF UJ94358 we introduced a new parameter in the RKANPARU(KDFDINIT) member which could change the convention for calculations of all attributes. By default factor 1024 will be used, but by defining the BYTECONV=1000 the convention factor could be changed.

As a result, now you can change the preferred convention factor for data that you see in the RDM, TEP, or E3270UI.

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