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IBM OMEGAMON for Storage Realtime Dataset Metrics Zowe 2.2+ support

By Aleksandr Agoltsov posted Wed June 14, 2023 03:32 AM


IBM OMEGAMON for Storage Realtime Dataset Metrics (RDM) user interface is built on the Open Mainframe Project Zowe Application Framework.

With the May 22, 2023 release (PTF UJ92602 for APAR OA63400) RDM now supports version 2 of the Zowe Application Framework.  This framework is a modern web user interface (UI) that when combined with RDM provides IBM Z Mainframe Storage specialist with a fast and easy way to visualize and manage mainframe storge.

RDM in the Zowe 2

The Minimum supported version of the Zowe Application Framework is release 2.2.

If your company uses Zowe Application Framework version 2.8 please be advised that we reported issues to on compatibility with the Firefox browser and it is recommended to use Chrome.

For a complete list of known issues please see the IBM OMEGAMON for Storage RDM Technical support page:  technote.

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