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OMEGAMON Storage new Copy Groups functionality


OMEGAMON for Storage now allows Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) users to copy DASD and Dataset Attributes Groups to other systems.

New Copy Groups functionality was added in PTF UJ08619 (APAR OA63258). This new functionality provides the ability to copy groups from one system to online systems connected to the same HUB TEMS or to the system connected to another HUB TEMS.

The new “Copy Group” option was added to open the new dialog where the users could copy the groups to selected online Nodes connected to the same HUB or copy groups one by one to the Node connected to another hub.

Right-click action
Copy User's group dialog

The definition of the copied group should be pasted to the input field after pressing the “Paste from clipboard” button in the Group creation dialog, thus all fields of the copied group will be used for new group creation.

Add Groups from copied dialog

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