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z/OS Connect V3.0.58 released

By Alan Hollingshead posted 11 days ago


We have just released V3.0.58 of z/OS Connect.

In this release we have made enhancements to the audit interceptor and how the username can be obtained.

Audit Interceptor enhancements (OpenAPI2 only)

Two enhancements have been added to the audit interceptor in this release of z/OS Connect.
1. New maxDelay attribute: the Audit Interceptor has been enhanced to write SMF 123 V2 records at a configured time interval, rather than waiting for the required maximum number of requests to be processed. This is useful in a development or test environment where requests are processed infrequently. 
2. Early failure logging: the Audit Interceptor has been enhanced to write SMF 123 records when a request fails early in processing, for example, with a 401 authentication error. When enabled, data for the failed request will be written to SMF.

Find out more about the OpenAPI 2 support in the z/OS Connect documentation.

Obtaining the username (OpenAPI 2 only)

The username associated with the API provider request is now available via the USER_NAME constant of the com.ibm.zosconnect.spi.Data class.

The user identity associated with authentication failures in z/OS Connect is now available in the USER_NAME data of the com.ibm.zosconnect.spi.Data class, the USER_NAME data of the com.ibm.zosconnect.spi.DataRequester class, the SMF123S1_USER_NAME field and the SMF123S2_USER_NAME field.

Find out more about the OpenAPI 2 support in the z/OS Connect documentation.

WebSphere Liberty Profile V22.0.0.3

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect V3.0.58 is V22.0.0.3.

Find out more from the Liberty documentation.

Angel V17

The version of the angel shipped with WebSphere Liberty Profile V22.0.0.3 is version 17.

If you choose not to update to this level of the Liberty Angel, then the following warning message will appear in your messages.log file:

CWWKB0127W: The current angel version is earlier than the version that the server expects. Update the angel version to the latest available version.

Find out more.

API toolkit versions (for existing OpenAPI 2 support)

The latest version of the z/OS Connect API toolkit plug-in to design and create your services and APIs is V3.0.9.8 for Aqua 3.1 users, and V3.2.9.8 for Aqua 3.2 users. You should obtain the latest version of the API toolkit from the Aqua download site for your version of Aqua as it includes all the latest features and fixes.

The z/OS Connect API toolkit has been enhanced to present the Liberty API Explorer web interface for users to examine and test deployed APIs without concern for CORS restrictions. You will need to use this version of the API toolkit (or later) if you wish to use this API Discovery feature.

If unzipping the API toolkit zip file on Windows, due to the long filenames of some of the file members, you should use a tool such as 7-Zip or the “jar -x” command. Do not use winzip, winrar, or the Windows own zip extraction tool, as warnings/errors will occur during the unzip and the API toolkit will be unusable.

Find out more.

Get started today

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