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z/OS Connect EE / Unlimited V3.0.39 released

By Alan Hollingshead posted Tue November 24, 2020 04:27 AM

We’ve just released V3.0.39 of z/OS Connect EE and z/OS Connect EE Unlimited.

In this release we have provided the ability to override IBM MQ service properties when used with policies, and added some new interceptor interfaces to enable monitoring support for API requester.  

Override IBM MQ service properties through policies

z/OS Connect EE policies can now alter the following IBM MQ service properties: mqConnectionFactory, mqDestination, and mqReplyDestination.

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New interceptor interfaces to enable monitoring support for API requester

New interceptor interfaces have been added to enable monitoring support for API requester. Request data is available on the request origin as well the target endpoint. Timestamps enable the calculation of the z/OS Connect EE processing time and the time spent connecting to the endpoint, as well as the time taken to retrieve access tokens. Monitoring of inflight requests and requests failing early is also enabled. Interceptor writers can take advantage of these new capabilities by implementing the InterceptorRequester interface and optionally the EndpointInterceptor and EarlyFailureInterceptorRequester interfaces.

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WebSphere Liberty Profile V20.0.0.6

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect EE V3.0.39 is V20.0.0.6.

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Angel V14

The version of the angel shipped with WebSphere Liberty Profile V20.0.0.6 is version 14.

You are advised to update your system so that your z/OS Connect EE server uses this version of the angel. If you choose not to update to this level of the angel, then the following warning message will appear in your messages.log file:

CWWKB0127W: The current angel version is earlier than the version that the server expects. Update the angel version to the latest available version.

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API toolkit versions

The latest version of the z/OS Connect EE API toolkit plug-in to design and create your services and APIs is V3.0.8.8 for Aqua 3.1 users, and V3.2.8.8 for Aqua 3.2 users. You should obtain the latest version of the API toolkit from the Aqua download site for your version of Aqua as it includes all the latest features and fixes.

If unzipping the API toolkit zip file on Windows, due to the long filenames of some of the file members, you should use a tool such as 7-Zip or the “jar -x” command. Do not use winzip, winrar, or the Windows own zip extraction tool, as warnings/errors will occur during the unzip and the API toolkit will be unusable.

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