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Virtually Combatting Covid in 3 Simple Steps

By Akshey Nama posted 7 days ago


Although the pandemic has constrained many of us to the walls of our homes, an amazing opportunity took place on February 19th, 2021. Hundreds of aspiring diverse students all around the world were able to achieve something amazing on this day, in just 36 hours. More importantly, this opportunity helped many hackers for what they believed in through helping many realize ideas and initiatives that helped solve problems in various communities through social good and empowerment. This opportunity was the third installment of SacHacks, ie: SacHacks 2021, and in just three steps, helped nearly one thousand students realize their potential and goals while combating the dregs of solitude and loneliness many students find in the confines of their homes today during the pandemic. In this post we will cover the 3 steps SacHacks took to help students help make the world a better place, and how you can do the same.

Step 1: Embracing the spirit of SacHacks

SacHacks is one of the first premier intercollegiate hackathons in Sacramento,CA  that celebrates inclusivity, social good, and technological innovation advancement through a group of students from multiple universities and colleges. Unlike most collegiate and intercollegiate hackathons, these characteristics are what help shape the culture and vision that make SacHacks unique. Now you may be wondering, what is a hackathon, and why does it matter? A hackathon is an event where students from different majors and backgrounds come together to compete in bringing ideas to life through addressing prompts and scenarios for rewarding prizes and feedback on projects. As a larger movement of students who embody entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and visionary leaders, SacHacks focuses on making sure that the values found in the organizing team are also the same values that are cherished and respected in the events hosted as well. During February 19th-21st SacHacks reached its historic rates of participation and inclusion which ultimately culminated into the SacHacks community on discord where students can share, discuss and explore ideas about technology, passion, and goals. SacHacks continues to strive doing its best to continue enabling others with opportunities and an environment that facilitates growth. With this first step in mind, we encourage you to sign up for the SacHacks newsletter and get ready for the future SacHacks events so that you too can be part of this movement about something that is larger than ourselves.

Step 2: Harnessing the power of IBM Z

With SacHacks being a stage of innovation and technology, each stage needs its own counterpart to help foster motivation to learn, grow and thrive. This was achieved through the amazing CoHosts of SacHacks 2021, IBM Z. For those who may not know, IBM Z has been a cornerstone of development and innovation for the numerous facets of the functional society we all love and care for today. Through transcending the concepts of data analysis, machine learning, and AI, IBM Z has been a powerful force in providing the technical and general knowledge required for succeeding in scalable, well-thought solutions. The reason for IBM Z being this powerful is simple, it offers a wealth of utility and versatility that many others are unable to fully encompass. Starting with being a cloud/hybrid-cloud driven technology, IBM Z offers adaptability for any level of architectural design needed for aspiring teams both during and beyond SacHacks. With mainframe being a core component of IBM Z, the level of sophistication and understanding have evolved to a new level, especially since one cannot simply “hack the mainframe.” Additionally, IBM Z is part of the larger entity of IBM and contains linux distributions to help scale and perform to the needs of practically any developer trying to make new cutting edge applications. Of course, the most amazing part is that IBM Z is one of the only CoHosts/Sponsors to extend their enterprise level technology for students to harness and make new strides in. The push for IBM Z technology with 3X the number of teams trying to make use of these powerful technologies, compared to last year, it truly shows the future is not just about using technology, but powerful integrated technologies that are reliable and dependable. Of course, IBM Z is not just a technology, but much like SacHacks, it is an ever evolving vision of the future of computing. With such similar goals, SacHacks 2021 had also proudly hosted a workshop with IBM Z on Enterprise Computing leading up to the event to help show the world the importance of obtaining knowledge and understanding of such a skill. Therefore, as a second step, we encourage you to take a moment to learn more about one of IBM Z’s numerous offerings, and explore how detailed and structured your ideas can become with this new knowledge.

Step 3: Taking action through Social Good

With the first two steps taken care of, nearly one thousand students took the leap toward the final step of embracing the power of social good by taking part in SacHacks. While it is important to be informed and knowledgeable as showcased in the first two steps, taking action during SacHacks is one way you can combat the influence of loneliness and gain a new way to make an impact despite being remote. Although SacHacks was held virtually this year, it was a significant event that connected students globally, with the winning project being an application that allowed those in need to get skills for employment while crediting the people that help along the way. This year SacHacks was able to motivate the impact of Social Good through offering a wide array of categories in which students from various backgrounds could better act on and showcase their ideas for helping contribute to a better tomorrow. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to be on the lookout and sign up for SacHacks 2022 which will continue this tradition of helping enable students to code, design and launch their futures!   

Now it is your turn

Now it is your turn to act on the three simple steps and get ready to make a difference through SacHacks!


Step 1: Join the SacHacks Newsletter

Step 2: Learn new IBM Z Skills - Start your journey at IBM Z Global Student Hub

Step 3: Get ready to apply for SacHacks 2022!