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Education from the Bottom

By Ajay Pokharel posted Mon October 25, 2021 07:30 PM

Technology and technological advancement would have never been possible without education and research. Human advancement, at its core, is the result of educational advancement. There would have been no rockets without Newton's laws of motion or Einstein's General Relativity. Technology requires education, but how do we utilize technology for education.

UN's SDG 4 talks about quality education and how a range of factors determine the quality of education we are able to receive. Several steps can be taken to improve the quality of education around the globe. One of the steps is to intertwine education with technology. With technology, education can be fun and global simultaneously. Take Khan Academy for instance. Similarly, we can use technology to train teachers around the world to provide better education to their children. We can use programming and scientific research to find good educational models that work for each country. As someone who had to face some hurdles in education in Nepal, I started working on an ed-tech startup that provides free education to everyone in the country. In the future, I want to focus on this UN's SDG 4 mission, start locally from my country, and eventually expand the startup to educate the whole world.