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Meet the Family – Red Hat and IBM software on OpenShift for IBM Z

By Adam Jollans posted Wed August 04, 2021 04:24 AM


All the major building blocks for OpenShift applications on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE

With our linked blog Red Hat OpenShift’s Great Momentum on IBM Z and LinuxONE, we described the momentum we’ve seen in the market for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z since its introduction a short 18 months ago. 

In this community blog, we dig deeper into the rich portfolio of Red Hat and IBM software now available for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE. With Red Hat OpenShift as a foundation, these software offerings are helping clients, service providers and ISVs accelerate their digital transformation through cloud native applications co-located with mission-critical data and applications

Red Hat Add-Ons for OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE 

Let’s review some of the offerings available today which support the recently launched Red Hat OpenShift 4.8 release for IBM Z and LinuxONE:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines: supports continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service to automate and control application delivery with Kubernetes-native pipelines based on the open-source project Tekton
  • Red Hat OpenShift Serverless: delivers event-driven technology to create, deploy and run containerized serverless functions. It’s based on the open-source project Knative and with the ability to use most programming languages
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh: provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and observe microservices-based containerized applications. It includes two open-source projects, Istio to manage and secure traffic flows across services, and Jaeger for distributed tracing
  • Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces: builds on the open-source Eclipse Che project, a collaborative Kubernetes-native offering, to provide a consistent and pre-configured development environment
  • Red Hat OpenShift Do (Odo): provides an advanced command line tool for developers writing and deploying applications on OpenShift and Kubernetes
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes: controls clusters and applications from a single console, with built-in security policies.
  • Red Hat Container Catalog: provides a repository of tested and verified container images for IBM Z and LinuxONE

    IBM Software for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE

    Surrounding Red Hat OpenShift is the addition of a broad portfolio of IBM software to help develop cloud-native applications, integrate OpenShift with IBM z/OS data and applications, and automate operations

    For details on how to support modern applications and data with these technology components, see the recently updated Red Hat OpenShift for IBM Z and LinuxONE Reference Architecture