Peter Volckaert

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I'm an IBMer who is passionate about IT security. Within IT security I have a vast experience in architecting, implementing and selling identity and access management solutions.
I have more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry. In the late 90’s I joined IBM. Within Big Blue I was involved in the delivery of numerous system management projects in both the monitoring and security area. Since 2007 I'm acting as a sales engineer - or presales if you like - for IBM Security products and with a specialization of Identity & Access Management. Within my sales engineer role I have a broad pallet of activities such as: discussing client requirements, identifying sales opportunities, mapping client requirements to products, develop a suitable architecture, give product presentations, conduct demoes and proof-of-concepts, support marketing events and so on.

Specialties: IT Security Architecture, Identity and Access Management, Federated Single Sign-On, Desktop Single Sign-On, Web Single Sign-On, Secure Reverse Web Proxy, SIEM - Security Information and Event Management, LDAP, XML Gateway, SOA Security, IPS/IDS, Context-Based Access Control, XACML, IBM Security product portfolio