Lucas Batista

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Data Analysis, Development for Statistical Data Analysis, Request & Change Management, Fundamentals of Agile Project Management with SCRUM Certification, PLSQL and SQL Development, Data Science, Machine Learning and Development in Python Enthusiast:

◆ Experience of 02 years in critical environment of road concessions:
◇ Development of Queries in SQL to meet demand from the Institute of Technological Research of the Government of São Paulo / IPT-ARTESP
◇ Development of SQL Queries for Business Intelligence deployment
◇ SQL development for enterprise process innovation and computerization
◇ PLSQL development for VIEW manipulation with about 2,052 trillion data
◇ Development of Functions, Procedures and Job_Schedulers in Oracle Bank, for systems maintenance and creation of proactive alarms
◇ Monitoring of about 500 servers using the Zabbix and Nagios-legacy tools
◇ About 2,000 support calls for the Tecsidel Toll System
◇ About 30 Change Requisitions performed on Tecsidel systems using ITIL best practices
◇ Awarded first of all in the state of São Paulo for the performance of the system of exchange of messages between the concessionaire and the operators (Sem Parar, ConnectCar, Auto Expresso and MoveMais) in the year 2017.

◆ Experience of 02 years in internet provider of the interior of São Paulo:
◇ Customer Service
◇ Technical Support
◇ Ubiquit Configuration
◇ RMA of Wireless Technology Products