Saradhi Motamarri

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• Led direct/cross-functional teams; Designed/ Delivered complex Business Transformation Programs; Realised Benefits; Cocreation of Value and satisfaction of all Stakeholders.
• Research investigation into the roles of Empowerment/ Dynamic Capabilities, Big Data Analytics in Services Marketing to enhance Customer Experience.
• SME in Design Research/ Systems Modelling.
• Developed, Deployed and Supported Business Intelligence/ Data Mining applications for Investment Banking, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation.
• In depth skills in Advanced Statistical Methods and Simulation; Hands-on skills in a multitude of programming languages and in SAS, SPSS, R, Python, NetLogo, SmartPLS and other tools. Integrated Decision Trees into multi-dimensional visualisation tools.
• Built large scale diverse socio-economic models based on surveys, geographic information.
• SME in Complex Databases Design/ Backup/ Archival/ Retrieval/ Recovery/ End-of-Life Operations and Optimisation.
• Have extensive experience in Designing, Populating, and Automation of Data-Feeds to Large Online Database Systems: Informix, Ingres, Sybase, Oracle, ISAM Files, and low-end systems.
• Playing diverse roles as vendor and customer at large corporations, honed my skills in Vendor/ Contract Management, Administration, Procurement Processes, Business Controls and drafting of Statement of Works (SoW, MOU) and Solutions for multi-million-dollar value contracts.
• Certifications in Project Management, ITIL and exposure to Total Quality Management (TQM) and House-of-Quality (HoQ) executed projects systematically and achieved business outcomes.
• Served as volunteer/contributor to many of the PMI Standards.
• Served as member of PMI’s Technology Advisory Group within Global Operations Centre.
• Lessons learned, gained insights and developed frameworks were published in reputed international journals and presented at reputed international conferences.