Arturo Basconcel Guzman

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I am an IT Professional Services Consultant & Trainer located in Spain as a freelance contractor, working on-demand in different projects architecting, developing and supporting Software Services related to System Z, Db2 CDC on z/OS, RTCz/IDz, IWS/IWA,. My last assignments were in the IBM Expertise Connect (former AVP technical support area) as a TAM (Technical Account Manager) for z/OS, WAS, Db2z, Db2 luw, IIAS, RTCz. Also consulting in different areas and meanings like TWS/IWA in the Hybrid Data Management department. Link to some obtained badges During 2018 I was in charge to technically support the T2S testing environment of BdE (Banco de España in Madrid with zOS 2.3, DB2 12, IMS 14, MQ 9 and COBOL 6.2 and iDZ14.1 eclipse based client) Migrated by me from zOS 1.13, DB2 10, IMS 11, MQ 7 and COBOL 4.2 firstly to zOS 2.2, DB2 11, IMS 13, MQ 8 and during this year to the lasts one. Also I have delivered courses of RACF, TWS 9.2 and COBOL-PL/I-DB2. During 2017 I was working for Indra in the "EPO's IT Production Services Outsourcing Project" (Mainframe area, zOS 2.1, CICS TS 5.3, DB2 for zOS 11, MQ 7.1 and 8, CTG 9, etc) in The Hague (Holland). Last projects as an IBMer contractor consultant in Spain Technical Support in Migrations, Architectural Design, Implementation & Maintenance of Mainframe OS (zOS, zVM, zLinux & zVSE) and Subsystems (DB2, IMS, WMQ, WAS, RACF, SMS, WLM, RMF, USS, Rational Suite, etc) Systems Integrator of zPDT or zDT (former RD&T - Rational Development and Test Environment for System z) and RDz, RTCz, EGL RBD, etc., mainly for Mainframe Testing Environments. Also, some little projects on POWER, AIX and IBM i (AS/400). Senior Trainer thru the IBM GTPs as an Independent Consultant I am also a certified teacher of the advanced courses of the zOS, zVM & zLinux of IBM STG division (hardware) and DB2, IMS, WebSphere (WAS, CICS & MQ), Tivoli, RACF & Rational careers in IBM SW division (software) areas respectively with Labs at Montpellier (France) and Poughkeepsie (USA), today through a global designated GTPs or directly for IBM customer or Business Partners. Cloud and Virtualization technologies aren't unknown to me(I have delivered for IBM tech people courses on RHEL, Docker, VMware vSphere, etc) Experience More than 35 years in the Computer Sciences field (technical support, development project leader & trainer) developed in Latin America, USA, Europe and Middle East. As a mainframe consultant systems programmer I have been involved in: Planning hardware and software system upgrades and changes in configuration Training system operators and application programmers Automating operations and Capacity planning Running installation jobs and scripts Performing installation-specific customization tasks Integration-testing the new products with existing applications and user procedures System-wide performance tuning to meet required levels of service