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Schema DIFF needed for big databases

  • 1.  Schema DIFF needed for big databases

    Posted 23 days ago


    I need to find all changes between two databases that have the same origin but "alter table", "create table", "create index" could have appeared on one side in development.

    The databases are very big (230'000 tables), so what is the best tool to find out all changes that appeared over time ?

    Thanks a lot !

    Gerd Kaluzinski

  • 2.  RE: Schema DIFF needed for big databases

    Posted 23 days ago

    In my utils2_ak utilities package which you can download from my web site ( is a script, mydbdiff, which will compare two databases or compare a database's current schema to a saved copy of the schema (saved from a previous run):

    $ mydbdiff                
    Usage: mydbdiff [options] database1 [database2]
    Options: [-sn] [-ddiffer] [-Ppager] [-S<1|2|3>] [-f sfile]  
        -h - Print this usage and exit.  
        -s - Use sdiff instead of diff. Shorthand for '-d sdiff'
        -n - Do not paginate output.  
        -d - Specify diff utility to use.  
        -P - Specify a pager other than $PAGER (PAGER=).  
        -S - Save schema for 1-first, 2-second, 3-both databases.  
             Saved files can be passed with -f for change tracking.     -f - Compare database1 to schema saved in sfile.  
    Either two databases must be specified or one database and a file must be specified using the -f sfile option.  To compare two sfiles just use diff.

    Using the -d option you can specify what 'differ' you want to use, ex: diff, sdiff, etc. or to add options to the diff (ex: -d 'diff --ignore-all-space' ). You can also use the -P option specify what pager to use for the output or to redirect the output to disk (ex: -P 'cat >diff.file' or 'tee diff.file' )


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  • 3.  RE: Schema DIFF needed for big databases

    Posted 23 days ago
    Thank You very much !
    That helps a lot

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

    Gerd Kaluzinski

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