PSM limitations and catalog on NFS

  • 1.  PSM limitations and catalog on NFS

    Posted Thu March 18, 2021 08:40 AM

    Hi all
    anybody have any experience with PSM catalog on NFS mounted disk? As well as limitations - i.e. how many objects can be stored in catalog to have smooth response.

    Customer had psm catalog on NFS mounted disk. Disk is working fine (i.e. dd if=/dev/zero of=/nfs/file bs=1M count=100 is working fast)
    But, there are almos 67000 objects in psm catalog and log.log backup was lasting 90+ seconds (logsize is 10000)
    By looking at ps_debug_log, I see that it is waiting/working for/with onpsm for almost 90+ seconds.
    object.dat was almost 7MB and objct_path.dat was 14+MB

    Currently they moved psm catalog to local disk and retention all but few last backups.

    Hrvoje Zokovic