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ERROR 216 - 101 when enabling indexes

  • 1.  ERROR 216 - 101 when enabling indexes

    Posted 26 days ago

    i am reloading tables in a database without logs. database is not compressed.

    For load i am using external tables then 'insert into table select * from external_table'

    working on AIX 7.2 with raw devices.
    The script uses dbaccess on the same machine than informix server.

    Problem encoutered on 12.10FC14 and 14.10FC5

    i have 4 connections, each one disabling triggers, indexs and reloading different tables.

    When all tables are loaded then indexes and triggers are enabled again.

    All is working fine but sometine i get the following error randomly, not always on the same table.

    set pdqpriority 20;
    PDQ Priority set.

    set indexes for artcle enabled;
    216: Cannot remove index.

    101: ISAM error: file is not open.
    Error in line 424
    Near character position 48
    set triggers for artcle enabled;
    Mode set.

    set pdqpriority 0;
    PDQ Priority set.

    I am alone on the server and the problem is not always on the same table.

    Does anyone has in idea about this problem ?

    The SQL corresponding :

    set pdqpriority 20;set indexes for ${tab} enabled; set triggers for ${tab} enabled; set pdqpriority 0;

    On this example the table doesn't have any trigger nor constraints.

    The database owns about 500 tables and i reproduced the problem just 1 time for 10 tried to load all the tables


    jean-francois BOUDRY

  • 2.  RE: ERROR 216 - 101 when enabling indexes

    Posted 26 days ago

    by lowering pdqprioroty from 20 to 10, it seems to be more reliable.

    50 tests without error.

    But it don't have any explanation about that.

    jean-francois BOUDRY