Disallow TLS_VERSION 1.0

  • 1.  Disallow TLS_VERSION 1.0

    Posted Wed March 10, 2021 04:14 PM
    Informix version 11.70.FC4IE should supports TLS v 1.0,1.1,1.2 by default. Now I need to disable TLS version 1.0 on listening onsocssl port because of security requirement. Even if onconfig param is TLS_VERSION 1.1 port still answers to TLS handshake version 1.0 (openssl s_client -connect ip:port -tls1) but I need to disable this. Any suggestion how to solve it?
    server_name onsocssl IP port s=4,pam_serv=(login),pamauth=(password)

    Jiří Janský