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1410.FC4W1 No Longer Allows Solaris 10

  • 1.  1410.FC4W1 No Longer Allows Solaris 10

    Posted Tue July 07, 2020 07:04 PM
    Just an FYI...

    A few months ago, I successfully installed and (very briefly) ran Informix 14.10.FC3 on our Solaris 10 SPARC platform.

    The installation process ran successfully, and when I executed oninit, the instance started up just fine and converted all the databases from the previous version (12.10.FC12) to 14.10.FC3.  Later, I was also able to successfully revert from 14.10.FC3 back to 12.10.FC12.

    Today, I tried to install 14.10.FC4W1.

    It would appear that 14.10.FC3 is the last version that will permit use of Solaris 10.

    The installer halted with the message that OS 5.11 (Solaris 11) is required.


    David Grove

  • 2.  RE: 1410.FC4W1 No Longer Allows Solaris 10

    Posted Wed July 08, 2020 03:56 AM
    Oops.  Got my versions confused.  I don't think it was FC3 that worked.  It was FC1.


    David Grove

  • 3.  RE: 1410.FC4W1 No Longer Allows Solaris 10

    Posted Wed July 08, 2020 02:37 PM

    I was working from recall when I posted the previous reply (in the interest of completeness, because I am typically OCD).


    FOR ANY FUTURE READER... My original post is accurate.  For my own satisfaction, I verified this statement by attempting to install both 14.10FC3 and 14.10FC4W1on a test platform.

    My DEFINITIVE experience from that experiment is:
    -->14.10FC3 WILL install on Solaris 10.
    -->14.10FC4W1 WILL NOT install on Solaris 10.

    I guess that just leaves the question: Does that suggest that installation is blocked for a reason, and if it installs, it will work; but, if it does not install, it won't work?

    (I did previously install, and I started Informix.  It appeared to work successfully-- meaning that all the existing databases were successfully converted.  Does that mean that Informix will actually run OK, or would it be a ticking time bomb that could blow up on us at some future time, under uncertain conditions?)

    Thank you.



    David Grove

  • 4.  RE: 1410.FC4W1 No Longer Allows Solaris 10

    Posted Wed July 08, 2020 02:49 PM

    It's quite interesting that 14.10 even runs on Solaris 10 ...

    Minimum supported environment for any 14.10  starting with FC1 is Solaris 11.3.

    Specifically -

    # pkg info entire

    Name: entire
    Summary: entire incorporation including Support Repository Update (Oracle Solaris
    Description: This package constrains system package versions to the same
    build. WARNING: Proper system update and correct package
    selection depend on the presence of this incorporation.
    Removing this package will result in an unsupported system.
    For more information see:
    Category: Meta Packages/Incorporations
    State: Installed
    Publisher: solaris
    Version: 0.5.11 (Oracle Solaris
    Build Release: 5.11
    Packaging Date: Thu Jun 28 21:32:23 2018
    Size: 5.46 kB
    FMRI: pkg://solaris/entire@0.5.11,5.11-

    Solaris 10 is not a supported environment for 14.10

    Vladimir Kolobrodov