Asynchronous post commit triggers & loopback replication ERROR

  • 1.  Asynchronous post commit triggers & loopback replication ERROR

    Posted Fri April 24, 2020 11:31 AM
    Hello guys,
    When configuring loopback replication, the following error appears:

    command failed -- remote/cyclic synchronization not allowed (64)

    Verification of test@informix1410_grp:informix.t1 started
    Verification of test@informix1410_grp:informix.t1 is successful
    Verification of test@g_loopback:informix.t1 started
    Verification of test@g_loopback:informix.t1 is successful
    command failed -- undefined server (37)
    participant test@g_loopback:informix.t1 'select t.c1, t.c2 from t1 t '

    These are the comands I execute:

    cdr define server -I g_loopback
    cdr define repl --connect=informix1410_grp rep1 -C always -S row -A -R --master=informix1410_grp --splname=logger4repl2spl "P test@informix1410_grp:informix.t1" "select * from t1" "R test@g_loopback:informix.t1" "select * from t1"

    Don't know if defining pseudo ER group is correct !!

    ol_informix1210 onsoctcp ol_informix1210
    informix1410_grp group - - i=139
    ol_informix1410 onsoctcp ol_informix1410 g=informix1410_grp
    dr_informix1410 drsoctcp dr_informix1410 g=informix1410_grp
    lo_informix1410 onsoctcp lo_informix1410 g=informix1410_grp
    g_loopback group - - i=150
    loopback onsoctcp 17002 g=g_loopback
    encrypt onsoctcp 9043
    demo_on_grp group - - i=140
    demo_on onsoctcp informixva 9088 g=demo_on_grp
    migrado_grp group - - i=141
    migrado onsoctcp 9042 g=migrado_grp

    SPL definition:

    create database test with log;
    create table t1 (c1 int , c2 int);
    create table t1log (optype int, srcdir int, committime int, txnid bigint, c1bef int, c2bef int, c1 int, c2 int);
    create procedure logger4repl2spl (opType char(1), srcid integer, committime integer, txnid bigint, c1bef integer, c2bef int, c1 integer, c2 int)
    insert into t1log values (opType, srcid, committime, txnid, c1bef, c2bef, c1, c2);
    end procedure;

    Any help/comments would be very much appreciate.

    juan luis roca