New RFE entry

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    Posted Tue June 02, 2020 02:06 PM

    I just posted a new RFE entry. Please vote for it if you think it may be useful:

    Here's the description:

    Allow specifying a normal dbspace for a BYTE or TEXT column to isolate IOs for the blob data from main row data for the table. This would be logged space just like IN TABLE as opposed to IN blobspace blob pages.

    And my suggested syntax:

    Perhaps the syntax might be:

    colname BYTE IN TABLE USING dbspacename
    colname BYTE IN TABLE( dbspacename )
    colname BYTE IN TABLE FRAGMENT IN (dbspace1, dbspace2, dbspace3,...)

    The FRAGMENT IN would only be ROUND ROBIN and the default if no dbspace is provided would continue to be the table's home dbspace(s).

    With similar syntax for ALTER FRAGMENT ON BYTE/TEXT to allow for reorganization.

    Art Kagel