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New Utility Announement

  • 1.  New Utility Announement

    Posted 26 days ago
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    Hi folks.

    I have been working on a few utilities at the same time but there is one I thought had been posted loooong ago. I called it fcopy-table[.pl]  (Yeah, written in Perl.) The copy-table part of the name makes it kinda obvious that this is a utility to copy tables.  Art has already written one for that but when I was developing this, the client did not want me to install new utilities but was willing to allow a home-grown version.  I then added some steroids. :-)

    The "f" is because it uses a FIFO.  It's just a fancy wrapper with alotta options.  What does it wrap?  One dbaccess process running an UNLOAD command into a FIFO, as well as dbload process loading from the same FIFO.

    I would get a kick out of seeing a benchmark between my approach and Art's (which uses rowid's), although I have no reason to assume mine would be faster.  And in any case, a C program will generally run a lot faster than Perl. But my version can accept a view as input, where rowid's don't exist.

    I placed it under the SQL-tools section of the IIUG repository in SourceForge.  Here its the full URL of the .shar file.  I've included an HTML of the help output, which is a lot clearer (when viewed in a browser) than the --help on your typical monitor window.  I've also attached the gzipped .shar to this post.

    BTW I used it for moving 200+million tables into a new fragmented version.  It copied over a million rows per minute.

    Good luck!

    Jacob Salomon
    Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.  --Attr: Yogi Berra


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    Posted 26 days ago
    That's cool Jacob...Might be helpful for DBA's..

    Gaurav Kumar