New feature request: A tmp database analogous to /tmp

  • 1.  New feature request: A tmp database analogous to /tmp

    Posted 8 days ago

    Hi Y'all!

    My recent (and still ongoing tribulations) with another thread inspired me to com up with this idea for a new feature:
    A tmp database where public has resource privilege and all tables created therein are permanent tables.  Catch: Next time server bounces all tables are cleared from this database.  Or maybe a periodic task could empty out any table unused in the past 7 or 30 days.

    The idea to be able to pass data among complicated steps across databases, not necessarily running in the same session, using tables less permanent that regular user tables but more permanent than temp tables.

    If you like the idea, chase down that link above and upvote it.  I mention a workaround but it's a non-portable (or not easily portable) solution.

    Jacob Salomon
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