Job posting - Product Development Manager

  • 1.  Job posting - Product Development Manager

    Posted Mon October 19, 2020 05:22 PM
    Job Title:
    GS Product Development Manager

    Job Summary:
    • Manage the SMILE Product Development and IT Infrastructure teams, to build and maintain the Financial systems for State of Georgia's DFCS.
    • Manage people, projects, processes, technology, and organizational change to support existing operations and to deliver new operational functionality.
    • Coordinate upgrades or minor changes to the read-only, historical, IDS system.

    Key Functions/ Basic Duties:
    • Lead employees and teams. Promote SMI's core values and culture. Foster strong relationships, customer service, diversity, inclusiveness, collaboration, communication, and positive employee-management relations.
    • Manage employee performance, staff development, team building, and recognition of accomplishments.
    • Support operations. Coordinate problem resolution. Meet SMI's contractual deliverables.
    • Optimize applications, workflows and processes. Help make our Operations and Customer Service teams more efficient.
    • Measure and monitor operational systems to ensure they meet requirements for security, performance, availability, and functionality. Propose and make improvements to our systems.
    • Perform regular audits of key systems areas and probable failure scenarios.
    • Monitor compliance with, and improve, existing Product Development and IT Infrastructure processes, procedures, and policies.
    • Administer appropriate security measures to meet business requirements and corporate goals.
    • Coordinate and control Business Continuity processes with SMI Business Continuity Manager.
    • Ensure all software development, testing, and maintenance of systems is performed according to business requirements and specifications.
    • Manage changes to the configuration, schema, and source code of applications and databases by implementing controlled releases of versioned objects from source-code control systems.
    • Ensure IT Infrastructure is managed:
      • Manage Linux servers, including installation and patching, backup and recovery, and routine maintenance, monitoring, and integrity checks.
      • Manage SMI-owned networks, workstations, and printers, assigned to state DFCS workers. Support DFCS IT needs, including SMILE installation.
    • Provide courteous and professional customer service to all staff. Deliver customer satisfaction.
    • Communicate and collaborate effectively with all team members in a remote work environment.
    • Communicate regularly with staff on progress towards defined goals and required results, providing specific feedback and initiating corrective action when defined goals are in danger of not being met.
    • Coordinate activities with managers and staff from other departments, e.g.: ITS.
    • Maintain knowledge of current trends and developments in the field and apply pertinent new knowledge.
    • Work on extended or flexible schedules when necessary or when requested by Management.
    • Fulfill administrative duties.

    Additional Duties:
    • Other duties may be assigned.

    Education and/ or Experience:
    • Demonstrated experience managing product development teams and projects:
      • 2+ years of experience as a Product Development manager.
      • Experience in instituting new Product Development best practices and/or mentoring.
      • Successfully managed a minimum of 1 project, which was of at least 90 days duration, and involved at least 3 or more resources.
    • Demonstrated knowledge of IT infrastructure setup and operations best practices.
    • 5+ years of experience as a Product Development engineer, preferred.
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, required.

    Language Skills:
    • Strong English language oral and written communication skills.

    Computer Skills:
    • Microsoft Office
    • Software Source Control Systems (Subversion preferred)
    • Unix/Linux
    • Relational databases (Informix preferred)
    • Web development (Genero preferred)
    • Unix/Linux shell scripting
    • C

    • Remote (US Eastern time zone preferred)

    Please reply via private message, and include résumé / CV.

    Thank you.

    Mark Collins