Pipes & light appends

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    Posted 11 days ago

    IDS 12.10.FC12W1; AIX.

    Working on a large reorg and testing with disk and pipes via the ploader (external tables). As expected, I see light appends when using disk during load, but not when using pipes. Using pipes, the unload/load data never hits the ground as it's cloning rows from source table to target table. The bufferpool mgmt overhead is deadly without light appends. The difference in duration is significant. Some details: ploader; format=informix; type=express; datafiles (pipe or disk)=8; fifovps added if PIPE; 20M'ish rows; format=delimited if DISK, informix if PIPE. Anyone feel that light appends aren't possible using pipes? 

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    Mark Scranton
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    Mark Scranton