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Updates to myschema and myexport

  • 1.  Updates to myschema and myexport

    Posted 30 days ago

    For a long time I have wanted to change how the -O (dependence ordering) works in myexport. Originally it used myschema --dependency-order which guarantees that parent tables are unloaded and loaded before their dependent tables. This option avoids inconsistencies caused by parent row deletions. I have finally made that change.

    Myexport now uses the new --myexport-order option to myschema (v 2.417 or later) with -m (set up for myimport to create indexes and constraint etc. after the data is loaded) to unload dependent tables before their referenced parent tables. This avoids data inconsistencies caused by new parent rows and associated dependent table rows being added after the parent table was unloaded.

    The May 13, 2021 releases of the utils2_ak and myexport packages include this functionality. 


    Art S. Kagel, President and Principal Consultant
    ASK Database Management Corp.

  • 2.  RE: Updates to myschema and myexport

    Posted 30 days ago

    Doug Lawry
    Oninit Consulting