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CPU Utilization and Performance Tuning

  • 1.  CPU Utilization and Performance Tuning

    Posted Thu December 17, 2020 11:46 PM


     Please let me know what steps should be taken in case of CPU Utilization high and Performance Tuning Scenarios.

    As few Steps I know , please correct or add your opinions.

    Performance Issue :

    Check for Index Field on Table based on SQL Running

    Check for Last Update Statistics

    Check for Long Running Query

    Check for Foreground writes onstat - F (if chunk write more , add more Buffer)

    Check for Read/Write cache - if below 85% then increase Buffers

    Check for Checkpoint .. if Occurring fast then increase values of LRU MIN/MAX

    Please let what other can I check and what also need to check for CPU Utilization high.






  • 2.  RE: CPU Utilization and Performance Tuning

    Posted Thu December 17, 2020 11:54 PM
    Look at the query plans for long running queries especially when the IO is hig


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  • 3.  RE: CPU Utilization and Performance Tuning

    Posted Fri December 18, 2020 06:02 AM


    • Check my Bufwaits Ratio metric
    • Check my Buffer Turnover Rate #3 metric
    • Check my Lock Wait Ratio metric
    • Check my Sequential Scan Ratio metric

    All of these calculations are reported by the new_ratios.ksh script and accompanying stored procedure contained in my ratios.shr_ak package which you can download from the IIUG Software Repository (IIUG Software Repository).

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