New release of utils2_ak

  • 1.  New release of utils2_ak

    Posted Fri July 24, 2020 05:27 PM


    I have uploaded a new release of the utils2_ak package on my web site (My Utilities

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    My Utilities
    Included: myexport - Drop in replacement for dbexport - Tests connections and reports connection time as well as the actual host and servername connected as well as which alias was used for the connection.
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    The July 20, 2020 release fixes two problems in myschema. One to help users of myexport/myimport who have spatial data types and another to improve the --infrastructure output. It also adds a new features to dbmove to support using ifx_row_id to select rows to copy instead of using ROWID. This is needed to copy partitioned tables that were created without the WITH ROWID option.

    Art Kagel