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    Posted Wed May 08, 2019 09:34 AM

    Hi Experts,
    What is is the difference between db2cli version 10 and 11. Is it backup compatible.
    We are on the project to migrate our code and data from netezza to db2 (IIAS)


    We are trying to use the bulk load option in SAP BODS to load data into db2 version 11.


    We have loaded sap version 4.2.9. The driver supported for DB2 is version 9 and 10.

    We are getting the below error.





    (14.2) 05-07-19 12:20:32 (W) (26518:2933618432) DBS-120604: |Data flow New_DataFlow6|Loader Query_JACOB_TEST

                                                                Warning: DB2 bulkloader used datastore using name and password.

    (14.2) 05-07-19 12:20:32 (E) (26518:2933618432) DBS-070401: |Data flow New_DataFlow6|Loader Query_JACOB_TEST

                                                                ODBC data source <ODR> error message for operation <CLILoadOn>: <[IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0150E  Driver not capable.


    (14.2) 05-07-19 12:20:32 (E) (26518:2933618432) DBS-120617: |Data flow New_DataFlow6|Loader Query_JACOB_TEST

                                                                DB2 CLI Load is terminated due to above error(s). For more information, check DB2 CLI Load log file

    Jacob Hansraj