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Transparent LDAP Intergration with DB2WOC

  • 1.  Transparent LDAP Intergration with DB2WOC

    Posted Thu June 20, 2019 09:57 AM
    Hi All, 

    We are working on Db2woc in our IBM cloud, We want to Integrate Transparent LDAP with our db2woc, Can any one help me with below issues.
    1) DB2woc is capable to integrate with Transparent LDAP?
    2) if so can you please guide us with the procedure?
    3) How can I install LDAP client on Db2woc ?

    Request help on below queries as well:
    4) Can we create a separate/additional database on existing Db2woc apart from one provisioned.  
    5) Am I allowed to Install IIDR Apply agent on Db2woc? - I have capture coming from Zos/DB2.

    Gopinath Vandanapu
    Cloud Migration team : +91-9618458939
    India Bangalore

  • 2.  RE: Transparent LDAP Intergration with DB2WOC

    Posted Wed July 24, 2019 02:43 AM
    I have never worked with db2 woc but looking around ldap integration must exist
    Other user authentication Db2 WoC authenticates users against a local OpenLDAP repository. Clients have full control over who is granted access. Client access via Db2 Warehouse on Cloud web administration console UI, or through connections to one of Db2 WoC's
    external ports. No direct command line or SSH access is allowed by end users. Users are authenticated based on a local LDAP repository that is managed alongside Db2 Warehouse on Cloud . Management and monitoring predefined for assignment to client users
    and do not include any access to the database's data. User data access can be defined at a fine grained level.

    Thanks for all answers
    Best Regards,
    Guy Przytula