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tsa or pacemaker

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    Posted Tue August 10, 2021 08:02 AM
    for the moment we are using tsa to control the db2 cluster, but as pacemaker is coming closer we have to be prepared.
    the problem is : we have also CDC installed.  we installed cdc on an nfs that is shared between primary and standby and created start/stop/monitor scripts for the integration of cdc in the db2 cluster.  we created a group/resource for cdc. the cdc daemon is dependent on the database as the vip and following the failover.
    this has been used for years and is working as it should.
    if we want to migrate to pacemaker (soon or later) we need to clone this implementation.
    I have been looking at how to to define new groups/resources and the doc is not very clear and many operations have to be coded in the xml.
    Is there any IBM documentation that would help us on creating this ?
    any doc would be welcome.

    Thank for all update/help
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula