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DB2 Recovery Expert v5.1

  • 1.  DB2 Recovery Expert v5.1

    Posted Fri December 07, 2018 01:40 AM
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    Hi Gurus,

    I have installed db2 v10.5 on linux 5.8 and installaed and configured db2 recovery expert v5.1 on the same machine. I have created the SLR (Schema Level Repository) on database REDB and added SAMPLE database as Managed database in RE (recovery Expert).

    When created a table and added some rows, committed. To test recovery feature, i deleted some rows and now when i try to run recovery from browser Client, Recovery expert says:

    "ARY5006E: Processing is disabled for database SAMPLE because database is a remote database."

    I am unable to understand that why its taking SAMPLE database as remote? while DB2 Recovery expert and db2 are on the same system.
    Other thing is that what is needed to enable recovery on remote db?

    Thanks in Advance,
    Rizwan A Joo

    Rizwan A Joo

  • 2.  RE: DB2 Recovery Expert v5.1

    Posted Thu December 13, 2018 08:21 AM
    Hi Team,

    I have found the solution for the above mentioned issue.

    Always use hostname instead of host ip in DB2 Recovery Expert to avoide not only the above issue but many other errors like above.


    Rizwan Joo