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  • 1.  DMC data migration from DSM

    Posted Tue August 17, 2021 04:02 PM
    Can I migrate UDAs and users from DSM to DMC if DMC is a separate install with a separate Db2 repository database?  Both DSM and DMC are on the same server.  Their repository databases are also on the same server, same DB2 instance?
    I ran udaMigration and user_migration but they both failed.


    Mai Vo

  • 2.  RE: DMC data migration from DSM

    Posted Thu August 19, 2021 02:01 PM
    Hi Mai,

    No we do not support udamigration  and user migration script to migrate UDA's from DSM to DMC if it's a separate DMC install. You will need to either do a full migration ( using the same repository) or a lightweight migration (migrate only basic data to another repository database) to be able to use the scripts.