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HADR on docker failing

  • 1.  HADR on docker failing

    Posted Mon September 30, 2019 08:46 AM
    I followed the steps in the following link https://hub.docker.com/r/ibmcom/db2-amd64

    I shared the following folder /shared between the primary and the secondary host by mistake while the link mentions /hadr, so I created a symbolic link to it and named it /hadr

    When I ran the docker run command on the primary,
    docker run --name primary --privileged --ipc=host -p 50000:50000 -p 50001:50001 -p 50002:50002 -p 50003:50003 -p 50004:50004 -e LICENSE=accept -e DB2INST1_PASSWORD=password-e HADR_ENABLED=true -e ETCD_ENDPOINT=IP_secondary_vm:50001 -v /home/db2inst1/database:/database -v /nfs/shared:/hadr ibmcom/db2

    it kept displaying this message
    (*) Waiting for STANDBY to write in /hadr/hadr.cfg...
    Can someone please let me know what should I change here
    Also can someone please explain to me what is this argument -v /home/db2inst1/database:/database? should database be the db name?

    Noureddine Brahimi