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New support for the COPY option for BIND SERVICE

By Paul McWilliams posted Mon December 09, 2019 05:39 PM


This Db2 for z/OS News from the Lab blog entry was originally published on 2019-12-02.

By Thomas Eng and Emily Alameida

With APAR PH14688, BIND SERVICE now supports the COPY option to copy existing REST services to either local or remote Db2 servers running on Db2 12 with versioning enabled.

Many customer environments do not permit applications to be directly developed and deployed on production systems. You can now code and test native REST services in a development system, and use the new BIND SERVICE COPY option to promote those services to production environment. The existing tools you are already familiar with can be used to automate BIND functions to work for deploying native REST services.

Using BIND SERVICE COPY through automation reduces the time, costs, and complexity of promoting business-critical services. Deploying services easily across production systems makes Db2 more attractive for supporting new modern workloads.

For more information about the BIND SERVICE command and the new COPY option, see the documentation in the Db2 for z/OS Knowledge Center.

Thomas Eng is a software developer for Db2 for z/OS and Emily Alameida is a technical writer for Db2 for z/OS.