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Exclusive Global Elite 2021 THINK Preview virtual event

By FRASER ANDERSON posted Fri March 26, 2021 01:58 PM


Did you know, you can reclaim 50% of your organization's time to invest in what matters most by applying AI and automation?
On April 28, we will host an Exclusive Global Elite 2021 THINK preview virtual event where one of your peers, Naresh Vyas (Head of Innovation, NatWest Group) will share their 'automate' journey and vision for AI-powered automation.  Ritu Jyoti (VP, AI Research analyst from IDC) will provide an expert perspective on the market and insights on how top enterprises are best applying AI-powered automation to their businesses. IBM Fellow, VP & Cloud CTO, Jerry Cuomo will discuss IBM's PoV, hold a Q&A with Naresh and Ritu, including a sneak preview of our exciting THINK announcements. 

Join us at this exclusive launch preview event which is only offered to our most valued customers as we share insights on how IBM is evolving to help you accelerate your enterprise transformation with AI-powered automation.